about us

ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking ownership and being responsible to all stakeholders for our actions. This value is essential to preserve the public trust and protect the public interest.

IMPARTIALITY: Unbiased decision making and actions. This value is essential to ensure fairness for the public good.  

ETHICS : Doing the right thing. This value is essential to deserve the publics trust. 

PROFESSIONALISM: Upholding high technical and ethical standards. This value is essential to balance diverse public interests. 

SERVICE: Obligation to assist stakeholders. This value is essential to support the public good.

TRANSPARENCY: Easily accessible and understandable policies and processes. This value is essential to demonstrate responsible use of resources.


fair trade

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Our story

We started back in year 2000 as a trading company.

Exporting Fresh Produce from Central American countries.

Since then, we have evolve to create new and innovative products from the Latin America’s Fresh Produce. (Fruit & Veggies)

We team up with small farmers, local chefs, and local vendors to create new healthy products to improve local wealth as well as providing our customers healthy and quality products.

Our Values